This is Our Collective Culture

Collective Culture is a Fermented Food company
whose mission is to empower the world to eat naturally.

Our Promise

We promise to help consumers make empowered decisions by lifting the veil of the food industry and creating more transparency to help the world understand that natural is better.

The Manifesto of Our Collective Culture

Look closely. Closer. Even closer. Even more. So close that your eyes can’t make out shapes; your optic nerve can’t process what you’re seeing; and your brain can’t translate what you’re trying to see. Cultures.
Those cultures that were here before man – the first descendants of single-celled organisms. Those cultures. The simplest forms of life that perform the most complex processes that support the life that exists today.
Now look around. All around. Next to you. In front of you. Behind you. Cultures. The cultures that are created between you and me and everyone around us. Cultures that have existed for tens of thousands of years and formed by social interactions, shared ideas, and collaboration.
Cultures that have existed since before globalization. Cultures that have thrived without technology and industry. Cultures that, in their natural state, were analog connections, from person to person.
Cultures are natural. They’re embedded in DNA, not in technology nor mass commercialization.
We believe cultures don’t need to be complicated, accelerated, nor scaled. We believe cultures are better in their natural state. There’s a beauty in allowing nature to run its course. Because nature knows. Maybe knows better. Probably knows best.
Why don’t you join us? Why don’t we take a page from nature’s book together? Collectively, let’s foster cultures the way in which nature intended. Join us in Bringing Us Back to Our Natural State.